The gender sensitive solutions in security and humanitarian response for women and girls project in Rumphi had the privilege of hosting the launch of this years 16 days of activism for the district. The launch took place on 26th November zo21, at Mphompha TDC. It brought together people of different classes and age from the district as well as country wide. The main guest at the event was the UN-Women representative Mrs. Ondina Da Barca Viera. Other notable guests were the representative for T/A Mwankhunikira, the DGO for Lunch, the ward councillor, and members of the district executive committee.

The launch was a huge success, it has opened up many opportunities in the community as well as on the district and national level. It helped the project to showcase what has been done on the ground with regard to the fight for gender equality, elimination of harmful practices and women empowerment. The presence of the UN-Women representative was a plus as she was able to witness first-hand the work being done and hear from the community the harmful practices and other forms of discrimination which exist in Mphompa ADC. On top of that, the volunteers were given a chance to express to the representative on the necessity of extra funding in order to sustain the cause. Below are the photo highlights of the launch:

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