A mentorship review initiative of the EU-funded project “Young Women in Active Politics” (YWAP) and the integrated Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy project was conducted between March and April 2020 by CCSS.

In March, 2013, the Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy (DIPD) signed a partnership agreement with the Centre for Multiparty Democracy Malawi (CMD-M) in March, 2013.   The overarching goal of the project is to strengthen the inclusion and meaningful participation of women in leadership and decision-making positions in political parties in Malawi.  YWAP is implemented by a consortium involving DIPD, DLDP, SPP, and Center for Multi-party Democracy in Malawi (CMD), the Malawian organization WOLREC and led by Dan church Aid (DCA). The project aims at promoting inclusion of young women aged between 15-35 in active politics by firstly improving capacity and confidence of young females to enlist and participate actively in political parties of their choice.  Secondly, the project aims to create an enabling environment in the political party structures for increased participation and leadership of young female members as decision-makers.

The objectives of the review of the mentorship components were: to document results and impact of the mentorship component; to identify barriers and challenges in the mentorship component; to make recommendations on the way forward for using mentorship as an approach for ensuring the inclusion and representation of women and youth in political parties in Malawi.