CCSS has been accredited by Malawi Electoral Commission to provide civic education to the 2019 elections.

What is the value proposition for CCSS?

  • It has experts who have provided technical services to the Malawi elections since 2004 on several electoral related technical services including international observation:
    • Training of women aspirants and candidates
    • Training of Multiparty Liaison committees (MPLC)
    • Training of poll agents for domestic election observation
    • Training of journalists in elections reporting.
    • Documentation of best practices
    • Participated in the donor /Malawi government coordination meetings on elections between 2007 to 2014
    • Participated in the 50:50 campaign since its inception.

What are we offering?

Malawi led, Professionalism, innovation (thinking outside the box),   impartiality, inclusiveness and understanding context (what works? And why?).