Nutrition Related Articles, Laws and Policies

A qualitative assessment of gender roles in child nutrition in Central Malawi 2022

The Situation of Children and Women in Malawi 2020

Nutrition Narrative Factsheet 2018

National Multi-Sector Nutrition Policy 2018-2022

Final Report: Southern Africa Nutrition Initiative 2016-2021

National Nutrition Policy

National Nutrition Guidelines for Malawi

Women Related Articles, Laws and Policies

SADC Gender and Development Monitor 2022

National Disability Mainstreaming Strategy

African Marriage (Christian Rites) Registration Act, 1923

Asiatics (Marriage, Divorce and Succession) Act, 1929

Child Care, Protection and Justice Act, 2010

Constitution of the Republic of Malawi, 1994

Deceased Estates (Wills, Inheritance and Protection) Act 2011

Gender Equality Act 2014

Marriage, Divorce and Family Relations Act 2015